Friday, June 30, 2006

How I became a deadhead Pt 2

Well I have been a bit slow getting this second section of the story up but I have been pretty busy. The good news is however that I am now on holidays for the next two weeks so I aim to be a bit more regular with this blog.

Getting back to the story I started to drift away from listening to the Dead around about 1979/80 although I always was aware in a vague kind of way of what was happening. I remember "Goes to Heaven" and "Shakedown Street" being released and actually reading reviews of them but I can't say I listened to those records. I was surprised when I heard that the guys had scored a top 5 hit with "A Touch of Gray"
I knew that the band still meant alot to me when I heard the news that Jerry had died, I read all the obituaries that I could find and I remember feeling shocked and that I had lost someone who meant something to me. When "Living with the Dead" by Rock Scully was published I purchased it immediately and read it in about two days. So even though I wasn't listening much to the band I certainly still was following their ups and downs.

I finally got right back into them in 2004 when I was recuperating from the removal of four wisdom teeth. I had sometime at home so I decided to visit a record store , I saw a greatest hits complimation got it and I was right back in there as a fan. Pretty soon I had discovered Deadnet, GDlive and LMA. Now surrounded by Dicks Picks and dl'ed shows I can't get enough of them. I listen to the music daily and its true to say they inspire me
all the time. So there it is for the moment, I hope to cover how I listen to the Dead in the next insalment.

Monday, June 19, 2006

How I got into the Dead Pt1

Alright I'm back again I haven't been wasting my time as I've been dl some GD shows but anyway I thought I would add a little more background about myself before I really get into things. It's been great to see some of the positive comments that have been left and it is a real buzz when you read these for the first time. Thanks guys.
So I thought I'd just quickly run through some of my first experiences as a deadhead here in Australia. My first recollection of the Dead is when I saw a copy of Europe '72 in my local record store. It was a triple LP in those days and I thought it was way cool but unfortunately being a triple album put it out of my financial grasp as a fifteen year old. I guess my next memory is of reading a review of "From the Mars Hotel" in the newspaper. The review was very positive and it claimed the Dead had now released their third classic LP (no prizes for guessing what the other two were). Anyway soon after I was fortunate enough to accompany my mum on a shopping expedition and because I'd been patient she offered to buy me a LP. Needless to say I returned home with Mars Hotel and I was hooked. To this day I still think it is a great record and I believe every track is a standout. I must admit that I am still surprised that it is not regarded as one of their truely great records but I suppose that's personal taste for you.
In the next few years Blues for Allah, Skull and Roses and Terrapin Station all joined my record collection but by about 1977 I was beginning to drift away from the Dead and listening to some of the UK New Wave stuff. I think in retrospect that Terrapin Station had really disappointed me , it was just too slick and it reminded me too much of a Fleetwood Mac album or some thing like that.
Anyway that's it for now. In the next installment I will cover my "rebirth" as a Deadhead.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Where will I be going with this Blog

I 've had a bit of time to think about this blog now and the direction in which I will probably be heading. At the moment I am thinking that this site will probably deal with my love of the Grateful Dead but certainly not just be limited to material about the Dead. This being the case I will probably start off with some background material and how I got into the Dead.
At the moment I have been doing some pretty serious listening into some 1977 Dead shows so when I get around to it I am gong to write down some of my ideas about the shows I have been listening to probably in some rough type of chronological order. I see this as being the main focus of this blog. Even though I spend alot of time listening to the Dead it is not the only stuff I listen to so from time to time I will digress and write about some of the other things that have caught my attention.
Although music is a big interest it is not my only one so I see this site as being a forum to discuss books, films, politics and even model railroading. All of this of course from the perspective of a fan of the Grateful Dead.

Alright then in the next installment of this blog I am going to try and explain how I became a fan of the Grateful Dead.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

First attempt at blogging

My name is John and this is my first attempt at blogging. I guess the reason I wanted to start this site is because I am a big fan of the Grateful Dead and I have been inspired by other bloggers who write about the Dead. Being a fan of the Grateful Dead and growing up in Australia meant that I never got the chance to see my favourite band live but with the advent of digital technology I have certainly been able to catch up with many of their live shows.
I guess another problem with living in Australia and being a fan of the Dead is that most people I talk to have very little if any knowledge about this great band. So hence this blog, I see it as a chance to discuss some of my favourite shows and give my opinion on them.
I also see this blog as my humble attempt at joining those who wish to keep the flame alive, to pass the passion we all have for this band along to the next generation.
So here we go, during the next couple of months I am going to try and publish some of my ideas about the Grateful Dead