Monday, August 07, 2006

High Rotation and a night at the football

Well in thought I better check in again as it has been a little while . I am still without a car but it looks like I might get it back from the panel beaters in about a week or so. At the moment I am still soaking up 04/21/1969 at the Ark and this has been on high rotation for about three weeks now. I simply love this show and can't get enough of it. I downloaded some really nice shows from 1967 during the week and I hope to get a closer listen to them soon so I might write something next week. On Sunday night my son and I attended our first football match for the new season and saw Sydney F.C .(the team we support) hammer Perth Glory 3-0 so we were really happy as Sydney played really well and look like repeating their championship from last year. It's off to the football again on Friday night where Sydney F.C are up against Adelaide United in the semi-final of the pre-season cup. I'll get back about the result of this game later.


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